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    • March 12
    Why Experts Consider Digital Signage a Big Part of Digital Marketing

    Marketing is all about bridging the communication gap between buyers and sellers. Effective communication with the potential customers boosts conversion rate significantly. Over the years we have witnessed the changes in marketing mediums. From the days of leaflets and billboards, now we have entered the age of digital marketing. Companies all over the world are taking advantage of digital marketing mediums such as website, social media, digital signage templates and many more to reach customers across the globe (image via shutterstock).

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    So, what makes digital marketing so effective? Why businesses around the world are investing in it? Let’s try to understand the advantages of digital marketing and how digital signage is an important part of digital marketing mix.

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    Anyone can compete: Thanks to the invention of digital marketing tools, even the small companies can compete with the big brands in the market and beat them in terms of sales. Generally, a small business can’t compete with corporate houses because they can’t afford to buy newspaper front page ads or large billboards at important road crossings, but digital marketing can be done even by the smallest business. A website can be developed by spending a few hundred dollars and PPC ads can be given by paying a few dollars per click. No matter where the customers are located, they can check your site and buy anything anytime. A dynamic banner ad on third party sites can bring huge number of customers to your site.

    Cost reduction: Digital marketing is not just affordable, it also decreases recurring costs. Just think about a normal billboard and a digital signage in front of a shopping mall. The normal billboard costs a lot because it takes huge area and also due to weather conditions, it is bound to get damaged after a couple of months. So, you need to replace it with a new one. On the contrary, digital signage display can be used for years and since it is not as large as billboards, the initial installation cost is low.

    Easy to understand customer behavior: Some restaurants and other retail outlets use touch responsive digital signage and it is great for measuring customers’ responses. Suppose you have a touch screen menu in your pizza store and customers are selecting pizzas, toppings as per their requirements. So, you can immediately understand which items are most popular and which one needs to be removed from the menu TonyV3112 / Shutterstock.com.



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