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    • March 17
    Unique and Inspiring Images of Light Painting

    Light painting aka light drawing or light graffiti is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera. They are created by moving a light in front of a camera with a low shutter speed. In many cases the light source itself does not have to appear in the image. The term light painting also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources. Here i have gathered a mind blowing collection of inspiring Light painting photos. I hope you will be thrilled by it.


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Reply Khalid Janjua March 17, 2010

this is really awesome... wow

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thats really nice...

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amazing post...

Reply Cathy March 17, 2010

loved the job...

Reply lava360blog March 17, 2010

superb shots

Reply Zohaib March 17, 2010

electrifying images. love it

Reply Alex March 17, 2010

mind blowing pictures

Reply Wade Zari May 25, 2011

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