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    • June 18
    30 Attractive Transparent Business Card Designs and Ideas

    We live in a market driven world where the competition is cut throat and availability as well as supply of almost every product is more or equal to the demand. You demand a product and it is delivered right at your doorstep. The opposition and the competition these days is so very tough that every organization needs to put in more efforts than ever before in order to stand out in the crowd. Inputs in the form of newer ideas are required by every organization so as to make sure that it survives the competition posed by all the competitors and catches the customer’s attention. One way of attracting the attention of the customers is to offer them luring business cards and transparent business cards are quite a lot in trend these days. So, we can ponder upon different sorts of transparent business card designs and ideas in order to understand what would attract the customers and how to do it in the best possible way.

    Transparent Business Card Designs1.1

    Transparent business cards as the name suggests are made of transparent plastic that allow the light to pass through. There is enough scope for putting up dual plane printing and also watermarks. They can be customized. They look cool, provide information and also help the organization stand out.

    Transparent Business Card Designs and Ideas

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    • Translucent business cards – These kinds of cards can be made by using polymer plastic. These can be printed by hand by using traditional artisan methods and can even be printed by using special machines. In traditional method ink is applied separately. This has the advantage of additional finishing and detailing.
    • Tinted Translucent Business cards – These can be created by chemically laminating the plastic color gel with a layer of translucent polymer. The texture is matte and light can be diffused easily.

    Attracting customers

    Transparent Business Card Designs1

    • Leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customers – Whenever something has the tendency to leave a lasting impact on minds of customers it eventually helps in growth of the business.
    • Customers feel more interested in using these cards.
    • Beauty usually attracts attention, so do creative designs.

    Impact on Growth of Business

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    • Good choice as they help the business to stand out.
    • Professionally designed and thus indicate the specialty of business too.
    • It has a perceived value just like a debit or a credit card.
    • Very attractive and tempting in looks.
    • Indicate high class.


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    • No wear and tear – There is hardly any possibility for wear and tear as these cards are usually made of plastic.
    • More life – As these cards are plastic made they have a longer life span than that of paper business cards.
    • These cards do not suffer from the possibility of being torn because of mishandling or being washed in the washing machines.
    • The tints and shades in the transparent business cards are not lost with age or with time.
    • This serves higher customer satisfaction.

    Comparison with Paper cards

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    • Transparent cards are long lasting while paper cards have a short life span.
    • Transparent cards are more attractive than paper cards.
    • Transparent cards have lesser possibility of wear and tear.
    • Transparent cards act as one time investment.
    • Transparent cards are not ruined or destroyed easily while paper cards can be destroyed easily.
    • Transparent cards have a greater storage value in comparison to paper cards.


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    • These cards are usually personalized.
    • Can contain different sorts of information depending on the purpose for which they are being made.

    Availability and Manufacturing

    These cards are quite easily available on countless websites. One can place an order with the various websites offering different types, styles and designs of transparent business cards. The orders are taken up and fulfilled as per the specifications provided by the customer. However, one must always be careful while making online purchases. It is suggested to preferably opt for a seller whom you can meet personally and discuss with him your particular requirements in regard to the business cards that you want to get manufactured.

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    The style and class that they present have made the transparent business cards a new revolution in the market of businesses wherein these cards help the business organization catch hold of the attention of their target customers and offer them what the competitors are unable to do.

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