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    • May 11
    Top 5 Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

    Making sure that your WordPress-hosted website remains safe and functional all through can be challenging. You can face server errors or even get hacked. Who knows, you might accidentally be the cause of an irreversible problem! What is more is that most backup facilities that are built into the WordPress platform are almost non-existent.


    Luckily, some plugins are available to help you backup your site. With these plugins, you can adequately prepare for any eventuality in the future. The following is a comprehensive analysis of the best free plugins to help you backup your WordPress website.

    Backup to Dropbox

    Are you a Dropbox user looking to backup your entire WordPress site? Is your site less than 2GB? Then this is your ideal file storage option. It comes with 2GB of free space. This WordPress plugin allows users to effortlessly create automated backups. After creating your automated backups, you can store them in a Dropbox folder.

    wordpress backup to dropbox

    A great attribute about it is that it gives you utmost control over your entire backup. This means that you can always choose the regularity of your backups as well the directories to be included. The other great attribute is that all your details are highly secure.

    Backup WordPress


    This is a great tool for WordPress novices. It is extremely simple to use. This WordPress plugin helps you create a full backup that is sent through email. Efficiently and quickly managing backups has never been easier! Once you install it, what remains is choosing how often you will be backing up your files and the number of backups you’ll be storing. This plugin usually stores all your backups on a WordPress server. It allows you to exclude particular directories anytime you wish.


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