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    Top 20 Plugins of WordPress to Share Your Blog Post


    When ever you write something on your blog you always want to share it with others, even your blog readers want the same (if they like it off course) . To do this there are lots of wordpress plugins available giving readers the ability to bookmark your site to a number of social networking and bookmarking sites.

    I tried to compile a list of more than 20 plugins that will let you make your WordPress blog more social. I suggest you do not install all of them just choose one which you like the most or think is the best.

    1. Sociable

    Sociable is a plugin which adds social media buttons to your posts, and does so easily, and beautifully.


    2. Bookmarkify

    The Social Media Marketing Plugin that lets you put social bookmarking links in your posts and other pages. Help your readers promote your blog and watch your traffic grow!

    bookmarkify plugin

    3. ShareThis

    This is very widely used plugin.

    sharethis plugin

    4. I Love Social Bookmarking

    I Love Social Bookmarking is a simple WordPress plugin that allows your readers to submit your content to social media services via a clutter-free drop-down list of attractive icons.

    I Love Social Bookmarking

    5. Social Dropdown

    This plugin displays several social bookmarking options in a dropdown. Unlike other social bookmarking displays, this does not cause clutter and takes up little screen space.

    socialdropdown plugin

    6. Follow Me

    The Follow Me widget allows you to display links to all your social media profiles in one, easy-to-access button or window.


    7. Meet Your Commenters

    When someone comments on your blog and writes a comment with his/her URL, is leaving more information than you think. This wordpress plugin displays web pages and profiles of those users in the dashboard, so you can add them as friends if you are in the same social network


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