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    • May 20
    Top 20 Free WordPress Widgets you Must Have

    WordPress is one of the largest blogging platforms. The widget area of the website is the place that is looked by number of people visiting the website. There are enormous numbers of free wordpress widgets that can enhance the look of wordpress blog. Here is the list of few wordpress widgets that you must have on your blog.

    Free WordPress Widgets

    Gallery Bank

    It is a wordpress plugin that is designed to create a beautiful and elegant gallery album with videos and images. Some of the best features of this plugin are:

    • It is available in 31 languages
    • It has responsive gallery
    • Supports shortcode wizard in your post/page
    • Unlimited albums  creation
    • Upload the images at bulk
    • Add/ edit/ delete images
    • Extended Albums, Compact Albums, grid album format etc

    SO Dashboard Feed Widgets

    This widget can be added to the dashboard of wordpress to keep the administrator informed about the general updates related to the website. The default settings of this widget are:

    • Default number of RSS items is 3
    • The title of widget box by default is ‘Recent Updates’
    • The background color of widget is yellow

    You can activate this plugin and then include the voting system on widget area and add on many other rating systems.


    It is a simple plugin to promote your blog. You can easily add on the rating widget to your blog after installing this plugin.

    Easy Media Gallery

    This plugin is designed to display the different media support including galleries, photo albums, audio, video and other multimedia. Some of its best features are:

    • It is easy to use, elegant, and fancy
    • It has full media support
    • SEO option for images
    • Media/ Image Slider
    • Google Street view and Google Maps

    WPInstagram Images Widget

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