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    • November 05
    Top 10 Real Steel Killer Gaming Robot Characters

    Fighting games aren’t really known for having much of a plot. Nine times out of 10, some heavily inebriated deities have invited a group of superheroic misfits to murder each other in a tournament format, so on and on..Coming back to my topic Top 10 Real Steel gaming robot characters. Todayt I thought it’d be fun to get ultra specific this time around and do a list of my all time favorite robot game characters. The rules were simple but made me whittle down my list quickly. While there have been numerous robot characters, many of them were not autonomous, were just supporting characters or were just not cool enough for my list.

    Here, we have picked out what we consider to be the best ten games featuring robots. As usual, we have focused on free online games where possible. So there are no excuses not to play them!

    Game: Deus Ex series

    1. Robots: JC Denton/Alex D/Adam Jensen

    While not actually robots, JC Denton, Alex D and Adam Jensen are, in the words of Star Wars, ‘more machine than man’. Their bioaugmented bodies make for good examples of the interesting – and plausible – ways robotics and biology may eventually be combined

    Game: Sonic series

    2. Robot: Metal Sonic

    First appearing in Sonic The Hedgehog CD, this successor to Mecha Sonic from Sonic 2 was created by Robotnik to mimic Sonic’s abilities. He’s a recurring antagonist, faster than the hedgehog himself, and even occasionally appears as a playable character. His next appearance is in the forthcoming Sonic Generations


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