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    • February 26
    Top 10 Hollywood’s Richest Tween Market Superstars

    3: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen earned a combined $15 million

    4: The Jonas Brothers earned a combined $12 million

    5: Zac Efron took home $5.8 million

    6: Ashley Tisdale earned $5.5. million


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Reply Babar Asif February 26, 2010

how come Rupert Grint is in top 10..its a surprise for me..nevertheless its a good post

Reply Brandon February 26, 2010

miley keep it up

Reply Alan February 26, 2010

emma watson is beauty with brains.amazing girl

Reply zohaib February 26, 2010

talent can make you rich. Really :)

Reply hasham February 27, 2010

this shows tht money dont cum with experience

Reply Jessica February 27, 2010

miley is such a cutie no wonder she is at no.1

Reply John February 28, 2010

nice informative post thnx

Reply Usman February 28, 2010

lucky kids..earning hell of a money

Reply Vaughn February 28, 2010

i really love olsen sisters they r really amazing

Reply Sam February 28, 2010

good work..welldone

Reply Yasir Y Khan March 15, 2010

Miley can be a very interesting person at times. No wonder everyone is taking notice.

Reply Greta Clouthier March 23, 2010

I think everybody expects this star to create more succesfull songs.

Reply dlbvqa July 19, 2010

Well Said, Nice information

Reply John Tours August 2, 2010

lol, I really adore Miley! She's so lovely!

Reply steve August 5, 2010

Emma Watson is extremely beautiful! I really adore her.

Reply tan August 6, 2010

I adore Emma Watson, I think she is super hot!

Reply scoruri live June 15, 2011

I have to say that this are some awesome celebrity pictures. My favorite picture is the one with Ema Watson.

Reply Anonymous November 7, 2011

awesome, i didn't know how much twins in market thanks for sharing