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Top 10 futuristic concept laptop designs

The technology world is always exciting and unpredictable. It changes  all the  time. You never know what technology will be there in the next  5, 2, or even the next year. 30 years ago,  nobody thought that everyone would need a  personal computer. 20 years  ago, our parents would never dream of a small,  portable PC that we call  laptop nowadays. Over time, thousands of models of  laptops of all  sizes have been introduced, but nobody knows what else is to come.  The  best we can do is to take a look into the future with our  Top 10 Futuristic Concept laptop designs, They are astoundingly sexy concept laptops with  spellbinding features and cutting technology

It’s gonna be the jaw-dropping and fanciful world of the future laptops, if so ever, they happen to be real . Extremely lightweight, ultra-sleek and surprisingly flexible, the future laptop designs amazingly gulp all the clutter for a most handy and convenient experience.

Vaio Zoom


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  1. >20 years ago, our parents would never dream of a small, portable PC that we call laptop nowadays.
    Don’t make yourself sound like an idiot. This was available in 1983 – concept was not new even then.

    • yes I do remember when I bought my first pc which was 286hz PI and all my friends told me, your machine is really fast….Hahaha imagine now

    • I still have it, an SX64 working, but the Osborne 1 went before in 1981, though not successfull because closed 2 years later.. Compaq portable is the first x86 with MS-DOS

  2. This makes a whole lot of sense dude. I mean like really?

  3. macbook air is where its at

  4. really likable product, you share ultimate thing here, i think this the best one

  5. The Mac Folder looks like a ZX81

  6. The D-Roll is pretty stunning. Good list of futuristic laptops. This list here is pretty good too: http://www.squidoo.com/cool-laptops-unique-futuristic-laptop-design

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