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    • November 30
    Top 10 Banned iPhone Applications around the Globe

    This app, nothing more than a ‘glorified screensaver,’ cost $999.99. Once downloaded, a glowing red gem would appear on the screen, followed by the words, “I Am Rich.” Its iTunes description read: “The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.” Eight people actually purchased this functionless app before Apple removed it.

    Knife Music by David Carnoy

    App Maker: Alexandru Brie
    Reason: Objectional content

    This title was actually an electronic book published by the author as a software application. Apple rejected the app in December 2008 because the hospital psycho-drama contained several sex scenes but allowed it the next month after the content was toned down. Apple’s critics point out that far more explicit content is already available in the movies and music available on Apple’s iTunes.


    App Maker: GenieApps
    Reason: Defamatory to public figure

    This app allowed the user to play the role of the Iraqi shoe-tossing journalist and hurl footwear at former President George W. Bush. The app was rejected for defaming a public figure. The app was retooled however, and accepted by Apple. Now, the user can toss a shoe at anyone they like by uploading a photo of that person—whether it’s a former spouse or the former President.


    App Maker: Phunkware
    Reason: Copyright infringement

    This Tetris-like game was pulled from the app store for being, well, Tetris-like. The game was stripped from iTunes in September 2008 after Tetris complained that the resemblance was too close.


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Reply printer ink cartridges December 1, 2011

nice information but why they are banned these are good application , its due to technical fault or another reason

Reply Muhammad Omer December 6, 2011


Reply ink cartridges for printers December 7, 2011

booty call is amazing its so much likable

Reply develop an iPhone app December 13, 2011

The slasher should be banned and file a case to those who is continuously using it!

Reply Emma1985 January 1, 2012

I still have i am rich :)

Reply Mobitechie March 17, 2012

Interesting list! Do you know similar kind of apps which ever got banned from Android market? I guess android market looks pretty open for such things. :)

Reply HskjASADASDK April 13, 2012

ur dumb

Reply Andy December 27, 2012

Did Apple Approve some similar app for MyShoe? Or Android did?