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    • November 30
    Top 10 Banned iPhone Applications around the Globe

    The ‘Baby Shaker’ app concept was simple: ‘stop the incessant crying of an infant pictured on screen by violently shaking the iPhone, at which point two red “x” marks appear over the baby’s eyes,’ explains CNET. Although iTunes originally approved the app, they later reconsidered their decision, and pulled the infanticide-simulating Baby Shaker from the App Store.

    Obama Trampoline

    App Maker: Swamiware
    Reason: No reason given

    This app lets you choose one of 18 famous politicians, from Hillary Clinton to Sarah Palin, to bounce off a trampoline–in the Oval Office, no less. The goal is to control the tilt of the phone and bouncing pol to pop balloons floating on the top of the Oval Office with their heads. (The app even includes a pantsless Bill Clinton caricature.) Apple plays it safe when it comes to ‘defemation’ and the App Store didn’t want to take chances.


    App Maker: Josef Wankerl
    Reason: Offensive
    This app featured a photo of a knife and would play the Psycho theme when users simulated a stabbing motion with their phone. It was released just after a wave of teen stabbings in the UK and the app sparked outrage. Apple quickly cut down “Slasher.” However, this app is currently available for purchase, and seems to have been re-approved later.

    Booty Call

    App Maker: Bearded Pony
    Reason: Sexual content

    This suggestive app included a book of tips for hooking up and unique interface for dialing numbers. Apple rejected the app initially (due to sexual content, says the developer), but after the name was changed to “Black Book Dialer,” and some of the content was tweaked, they gave it the OK.

    Freedom Time

    App Maker: Juggleware

    Reason: Defamatory to public figure
    This app marked the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds until the end of the Bush Administration. A cartoon W formed the hands of the clock marking the time. The app got rejected during the runup to the election in September 2008, and the developer got a rare e-mail explanation from Steve Jobs himself, saying: “I think this app will be offensive to roughly half our customers.”

    I Am Rich

    App Maker: Armin Heinrich
    Reason: None given


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Reply printer ink cartridges December 1, 2011

nice information but why they are banned these are good application , its due to technical fault or another reason

Reply Muhammad Omer December 6, 2011


Reply ink cartridges for printers December 7, 2011

booty call is amazing its so much likable

Reply develop an iPhone app December 13, 2011

The slasher should be banned and file a case to those who is continuously using it!

Reply Emma1985 January 1, 2012

I still have i am rich :)

Reply Mobitechie March 17, 2012

Interesting list! Do you know similar kind of apps which ever got banned from Android market? I guess android market looks pretty open for such things. :)

Reply HskjASADASDK April 13, 2012

ur dumb

Reply Andy December 27, 2012

Did Apple Approve some similar app for MyShoe? Or Android did?