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    • November 30
    Top 10 Banned iPhone Applications around the Globe

    Apple (AAPL) has become the envy of the wireless industry by creating a sprawling bazaar of software programs that can be loaded onto its iPhone. Apple has reportedly revamped its apps approval policy in a bid to make Apple marketplace safer and more productive. In light of these new changes, we’ve taken a look at the most outrageous App Store rejects from years past. Whether too sexy, too profane, too offensive, or too partisan, these apps just couldn’t make the cut.

    Check out these banned apps below, and vote on which ones you think should (and shouldn’t) have been allowed.

    The Dope Wars

    App Maker: Catamount Software

    Reason: Objectionable content

    This gaming app is a remake of the 1980s game DrugWars (for DOS and Ti calculators). ”Dope Wars,” according to its creators, allows users to play a drug dealer who has to make as much money as possible in 30 days by peddling narcotics. It was too explicit for the App Store, so the creators tweaked the premise and released a G-rated version called ”Candy Wars”

    Baby Shaker

    App Maker: Sikalosoft
    Reason for Rejection: “Deeply offensive”


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Reply printer ink cartridges December 1, 2011

nice information but why they are banned these are good application , its due to technical fault or another reason

Reply Muhammad Omer December 6, 2011


Reply ink cartridges for printers December 7, 2011

booty call is amazing its so much likable

Reply develop an iPhone app December 13, 2011

The slasher should be banned and file a case to those who is continuously using it!

Reply Emma1985 January 1, 2012

I still have i am rich :)

Reply Mobitechie March 17, 2012

Interesting list! Do you know similar kind of apps which ever got banned from Android market? I guess android market looks pretty open for such things. :)

Reply HskjASADASDK April 13, 2012

ur dumb

Reply Andy December 27, 2012

Did Apple Approve some similar app for MyShoe? Or Android did?