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    • April 28
    Sparkling Gallery of Websites with Lighting Effects

    Light effects, if used correctly can give a website that nice warm glow to make it stand out and look more beautiful. Lighting effects can be fun to experiment with in Photoshop, and a number of websites use this approach for creating a dramatic look. Some websites use bright swirls of light to show energy, while others use a dim glow to create a peaceful mood. Here is a mind blowing showcase gallery of websites with Light Effects for design inspiration. Without wasting any more time, please check these greatly designed websites with great lighting effects.


Khalid Janjua is a business owner and entrepreneur from Manchester, United Kingdom. Khalid is currently working on Saturn-Tec, a website which provides design & cheap web solutions. Follow Khalid on Twitter: @hybridlava. Follow the development of @saturntec.


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