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    • October 09
    40 Sexy and Sensual Pencil Sketches for art Lovers

    The most common phrase which I guess everyone might have heard i.e. practice makes a man perfect and same goes with pencil skills which starts as a hobby and takes the shape of professional skill with more and more practice. The art produced with such pencil drawings says a lot, the picture conveys emotions and feelings so properly that anyone looking at it shall be spell bound. This art brings out some of the finest sensual pencil sketches which clearly portray the thinking of the artist. This form of art is considered to be the most economical one as it only requires pencil, eraser, paper and an artist who has such creative imaginations and capability to bring out a beautiful picture on the paper.

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    Tips for pencil drawing

    Pencil art may seem to be an easy task to everyone but it requires lots of efforts and intelligence. The passion for the art is just a beginning, and after this one has to focus on its practice and techniques with full determination such that he can gain expertise in the same. Herein we have mentioned some of the tips which can be followed for pencil sketching;

    Remove stress: Anyone who would like to make the most with the sketches and want to learn the perfect way of drawing, then it is important that he/she keeps the stress away from himself. The stress may intervene your intention of pencil drawing a masterpiece. The complex art pieces may bring in stress; however the best remedy for this is continuous practice, which shall not scare you when exposed to challenges of complex drawings. Make sure to follow the horizontal and vertical lines in the sketch, and the curves in the drawing are also of importance which shall help you produce the sexiest Pencil sketches.

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    Keep your head rightly positioned: While learning pencil sketching, it is important for you to understand that the position of head plays an important role, and any movement in the head can change the look and design of your picture drastically. The head if positioned differently shall alter the design, so it is important that you maintain the same position throughout drawing.

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    Use of eraser: Although erasers are designed to rectify any kind of mistake in the image, still it is recommended that the erasers should be avoided. You might have noticed that lighter pencil sketches looks the best than any other form of drawing and this can be done with less use of eraser. So this can be termed as a step towards perfection.

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    Outlines: The most important and helpful tip which shall help you produce some of the most sensual pencil sketches. Draw a light outline of the figure you wish to draw which makes you sure that your chosen object shall fit in the paper. With this, you will be able to complete the sketch without and hassle and moreover in the middle of the drawing you may not realize that you have run out of paper and the paper will not be able to accommodate the image.

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    Shading: Shading is one of the favorite things and major thing to do while sketching; this increases the beauty of any sketch provided it is done properly. The shading in any art gives the drawing a real look which helps both the painter and viewer connect to the painting. Also while drawing the shadow of any image keeps in mind that the shadow should lay on the left of an image, this is an important thing to be kept in mind while drawing the objects and shadows.

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    Sexy and Sensual Pencil Sketches

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