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    • March 19
    Top 20 Security Apps for Android Device: Proper Protection!

    Security is the major concerns these days and must be provided to software, to protect it from virus and phishing attacks. Android OS is running heavily in the smart phone market, but is quite weak if it comes to its security. But you need not to worry. There are many security apps for android to protect your android device from malicious attacks. So here are the best android security apps for your android device:

    Avast Mobile Security

    Security Apps for Android (1)

    You need to sign up for mobile security app. It protects your mobile phone from malware, viruses, and the spyware. Other features include:

    • It will locate your lost phone before you find it
    • Wipe the memory to keep personal data safe
    • Scan your mobile data and content on first use
    • Also scan your installed applications
    • Automatically schedules the scanning process

    1Password reader

    Security Apps for Android (1)

    It protects your data with 4-digit code or with a password. It also stores registration code, passwords, and credit card numbers etc. You can even sync it with dropbox.

    360 Security

    Security Apps for Android (2)

    It detects and nullifies the threats to your mobile device. Other important features include- call block options, safe browsing options, and shortcut toggles.

    Lookout security & antivirus

    Security Apps for Android (3)

    This antivirus keeps your android device safe and secure. Other great features include:

    • You can find your lost mobile on the Google map. Users can see the image of their device even if its battery dies, or the phone is on silent mode.
    • Users can also see the last location of the device
    • If someone will try to steal your phone, then you can get the photo and information of person who had stolen it.
    • It will also protect your personal data.

    McAfee Mobile Security

    Security Apps for Android (2)

    It acts as a virus scanner and blocks all the threats to your mobile device. It also enables the filtering of unwanted calls and SMS. It can easily locate your lost phone and remotely lock all the data in your device.

    TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

    Security Apps for Android (4)

    It is developed by TrustGo Inc. and is one of the best mobile apps. Other great features of this app are:

    • It scans your device automatically
    • Detects the malware, viruses, Trojans, spywares and remove them.
    • It gives you the immediate notification when you attempt to browse a website that is malicious
    • It manages the data usage, memory storage, and battery consumptions
    • It also shows you the permissions that app are using.


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