• The more women at work the sooner we win!
    • May 11
    Rare Motivational Vintage War Posters

    What is it that makes these poster images and slogans so enduring, not only for those for who would have seen them during the war years, but also the youngest generations?  These are hand picked amazing  and rare motivational vintage war posters taken from deviant art, flikr and other sources Many thanks to all who contributed and shared this important part of history Salute to ALL and special thanks to those who created that time did the poster printing for coming generations. which motivate us and also we can get inspiration for ART work.People, whether they lived through the war years or not, can remember many of the British poster slogans from the Second World War, including:

    Let’s give him enough and on time

    Men wanted for the army: apply at recruiting station

    Let’s stick together: back into “cits,” and-the American Legion

    Freedom shall prevail!

    U.S.A. Bonds; Third Liberty Loan Campaign; Boy Scouts of America

    Women! Help America’s sons win the war: buy U. S, Government BonDs

    Help the horse to save the soldier: “Good-bye, old man” Please join the american RED STAR animal relief

    …and we talk about sacrifice:  buy War Bonds

    Over the top for you: buy U. S. Gov’t Bonds: Third Liberty Loan

    Halt the Hun: buy U. S. Government Bonds: Third Liberty Loan

    “Shall we be more tender with our dollars than with the lives of our sons

    Pitch in and help: join the Women’s Land Army of the U.S. Crop Corps

    Lets work together….

    Don’t be a dope and spread inside dope:  Loose talk can cost lives

    Como un solo hombre

    Be ready for your war service:  Join Red Cross Student Reserve

    Foreign body in eye?  Next step get first aid or infection may result

    V: invest

    Spirit of 1917, Join the US Marines

    ” I have found the job where I fit best!” Find your war job: in industry – agriculture – business

    Work for freedom! Give ’em the stuff to fight with…

    Americans will always fight for liberty

    Strong in the strength of the Lord we who fight in the people’s

    Schools at war: we are ready, what about you?

    Avenge December 7

    Red Cross Christmas roll call

    National War work of the YWCA

    See Him through: help us to help the boys

    Libertad de cultos

    Buy war bonds: don’t let that shadow touch them

    Our flags: BEAT Germany support every flag which Opposes Pressuinanism

    We can help them! we can rush relief to Britain GIVE NOW

    Give more books give good books

    Buy war bonds

    The more women at work the sooner we win!


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