• Positive Impact of Social Networking (3)
    • December 04
    Positive Impact of Social Networking

    With these sites the things have opened up majorly, wherein two strangers are provided with a platform to interact with each other and also share their interests. With increasing popularity of these sites it has even posed some danger to the existence of traditional companies who have not yet modernized or have not started using e commerce as option for marketing or selling their products. Hence it has made compulsory for all the business houses to set up a market on the sites as well and thus enjoy the benefits attached with it. Herein with the use of e- commerce and social networking sites consumers can dig up the available information and use them to make sale and purchase of the product.

    Companies in the market with the advent of internet took a tough decision to move on to the web world instead of opting to have stores in the malls. This decision have given convenience to both companies and consumers, where the market of companies have increased and now they are able to approach anyone across the world and also consumers can shop for things without having the need of stepping out of their homes.

    Pros of social networking on marketing

    Businessman pressing modern social type of icons

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