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    • June 02
    Top 25 Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorials: Edit Perfectly!

    Colored Spiral Footprint

    • Get rid of the blemishes. You need to hold the ‘ALT’ key and click on the spot of skin with imperfection. This will remove the imperfection.
    • Remove the yellow teeth. Use the lasso tools and select the teeth. Paste the new layer and use selective color adjustments.
    • You can even out the skin tone by using the blur tool. This tool will paint over the skin and provide an even tone to it.
    • You can get rid of unnatural skin tones by using selective color adjustment. This will give a healthy color to the skin. You can even boost up the Saturation by using the Saturation adjustment.
    • You can add the sharpness to the key areas on the photo by using the Sharpen tool and then changing the size of brush.
    • If you want to bring out the softer appearance of the person then you must use the diffuse tool.

    Quick Tips for Photo Editing and Retouching using Photoshop

    Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorials (1)

    • While working with the layers, you should not forget to lock them
    • Save the iterations made on the photo
    • Rather than using Ctrl+Z, use history panel for navigating to previous and next states of the photo
    • Avoid damaging of original photo by cloning different layers. You can select ‘Use all Layers’ in the toolbar along the ‘Clone Stamp Tool’.
    • You must do most of the editing in RGB mode rather CMYK mode. RGB mode is much more editable than any other mode.
    • 300 DPI is the standard one, if you are working with print.
    • You must name different layers to navigate easily.
    • If you want to select a everything in a layer then do Ctrl + Left Click
    • To get rid of undesirable artifacts, you must use ‘Dust and Scratches’ filter

    Do’s of Photo Retouching and Photo Editing

    1. Use the History brush: Over blurring is one of the most common mistakes made by most of the artists. You can fix it using the history brushes. It is great to take the incremental snapshots in history palette. It saves a lot of time.

    2. Pen Tool is Important: The pen tool must be used to select the small area in the photo. This can select even the most miniature area on the photo. You can quickly outline the area of the tool.

    3. Let the Liquify Filter Work: If you use it properly then you can see the magic in the photo. Liquify Filter can easily replace a number of tools. You can easily correct the bloating area by using Reconstruct button.

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