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    • September 03
    35 Perfectly Clicked Candid Photography Examples

    A candid photograph is a photograph captured through motion mostly, without creating any poses. This is achieved without any preparation of the subject and is taken instantly by surprising the subject. In this case no permission is taken from the person whose photograph is clicked. This type of photography has been developed into the art by photographers. Almost all the photographers have done this type of photography to start with and some are masters of the same. This form of photography is considered to be the purest the reason where the subject or the character does not knows that his photograph is being clicked. Sometimes the photographer does do that after informing however the art is to put the people at ease with the camera. It is simply an art of capturing people living an event.


    This is an art of catching people live, the subject of the pictures should be caught live and unaware that’s the aim of this photography. The best candid pictures come when the people know exactly what is going on and they don’t care. The art is to make people and subjects comfortable; the photographer can take his or her time, and has to wait for the perfect moment to be captured. The result comes out to be perfect when the subject is not bothered about the photographer what, when and where the picture is been clicked.

    • Patience: The patience is required as the photographer has to wait for the perfect moment before the picture is clicked.
    • Background: Do decide the background in the mind before clicking the picture the more prefects the background better is the picture.
    • Lighting: Proper lighting needs to be provided for the perfect picture.
    • Continuous Mode: Click more and more of pictures this will ensure the right emotion is been captured.
    • Be Prepared: As the subject is unaware of the picture is been clicked be prepared to capture the perfect moment
    • Lenses: Choose the lenses after you survey the overall look of the scene, the lens has to be decided depending upon the background and the subject.

    Capture Live Moments

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    If we use more of the naked eye and forget the automated equipment’s we will get more of candid moments. As the photographer doesn’t worry about the perfect moment just be prepared for capturing the live moment. When doing the candid photography we have to be well prepared in advance and should try to capture more of angles and emotions of the subject.

    • Children are the best subjects for the candid photography; children behave like hams in front of camera.
    • The art is to capture their emotions. More the photographer is focussed better is the picture quality.

    Once back at the home we should refine the raw material into a beautiful candid, the artists like Henri Cartier are famous for this art.

    Candid Photography – An Art

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    Candid photography is an art. The art is taking the motions and capturing the same through your camera, while capturing the moments just keep in mind the basic things like a good camera, lens and be prepared to capture the moment.

    • This type of photography can be captured anywhere and anytime and for the same no permission is required the beauty of these pictures is the simplicity of this picture been taken.
    • We just have to keep the character in mind and the background is adjusted accordingly.

    Need to Practice More and More

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