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    • September 11
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    Showcase Of 20+ Outstanding igoogle Themes

    iGoogle is a personal, customizable web page that serves the purpose of the Google home page (equipped with the Google search bar and functions) with the added benefit of a personalized theme, and widgets, or applications which, among other things can display messages, weather, date and time, news, and games. An iGoogle is linked to a Google account, and it is possible to toggle one’s preferences to go directly to iGoogle ┬áto Google. iGoogle allows the users to customize background themes. Today we are going to share you some outstanding and eye catching iGoogle themes, Just click on your desired themes and make you iGoogle page looks more interesting.

    Lake Tahoe Colors

    Sea of Fog

    Big Blue Beach

    Cassiopeia A: Death Becomes Her

    Green Water

    Color Droplets



Reply SaveiGoogle.org September 11, 2012

Perhaps you haven't heard, but iGoogle is being retired on November 1, 2013. We invite you and your readers to join the Save iGoogle campaign at http://saveigoogle.org/save-igoogle-campaign/