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    40 Mind-Blowing Examples of Digital Art

    Digital art is an exquisite form of artistic art that utilizes digital technology and gives an innovative touch to the drawings. Digital art has evolved from the concept of making drawing on paper and later getting it scanned. With the advent of technology the drawings are modified using vibrant designs blended with 3D effect. An amalgamation of modern technology alters the art or painting or even sculptures into novice forms of art using virtual reality and digital installation art. The notion of digital art has been applied to various forms of contemporary art that make an effective use of digital media. Owing to its magnificence in presentation it has found an extensive use in commercial advertisements and is used by many established and elite film makers to give an enchanting visual effect to the art or painting. The concept of digital art and the examples of digital art have been accepted unanimously with an overwhelming response and are growing in its scope and uses.

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    Digital art has changed the conventional form of art and defined it in new sensational terms. It expresses imagination in various ways and presents something totally abstract and not real. The way in which digital art presents an abstract art signifies a revolution in the notion and concept of developing art by ignited minds all across the globe. Here are some significant details about digital art discussing its importance and scope.

    The Concept of Digital Art

    Digital art is not a real form of art but with the use of technology especially computer graphic effects. It applies a unique creative touch to the traditional art. It panders and fosters creativity with a profound knowledge of design principles. Digital art focuses on different fields of technology and science.

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    • Digital art nourishes the creative spirit within a designer and with a deep knowledge it can create enthralling designs. It bridges the gap between reality and imagination and presents a virtual form of reality in a speechless way.
    • Computers and technology walk hand in hand to encourage the artists to create something that has never been thought before. The concept of digital art has defined a new form of art and is continuously altering its definition.

    Scope and Importance of Digital Art

    Digital art is a rapidly growing concept that has attracted millions of minds. Owing to its growing popularity and impact created on the world of publishing and advertisements, digital art has become a successful profession.

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    • Digital art uses either 2D visual information or mathematically translated information into 3D form. Hence it has given the world a new illustration of art which is used widely used by the people connected in the film fraternity. The film makers make use of the stunning visual effects in movies.
    • Digital art is also given an animated touch with the help of computers. It is used to generate graphics that is used extensively in the film industry. A huge number of modern flicks utilize this concept and gives scope for the development of digital art. It has already grown monumentally and is still growing with its creative approach.

    Digital Installation Art

    There are numerous activities that are incorporated under digital installation art. It bears similarity with video installations and involves live video capture and projections.

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    •  Digital installation art makes an effective use of many different techniques of projection and intends to build immersive ambience. It makes a brave attempt to make way for a complete immersion in virtual reality.
    • This kind of installation can be easily configured according to different presentation notions and spaces. It is basically scalable, site-specific and does not confine to any fixed dimensions.

    3D Digital Art

    Digital art has different forms that highlight its visual effects and graphics. The spectacular 3D graphics are created to give three-dimensionality to scenes and objects used in media like print, movies, games and special graphics effects.

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    • 3D digital art forms a unique and prominently recognized piece of art that requires software programs to accomplish its goal.
    • It is created via a process of fabricating and designing imagery from NURBS curves, geometrical shapes and polygons. Owing to the grand 3D effects digital art finds place in movies and flicks that focuses on animation and visual effects.

    Uses and Examples of Digital Art

    Digital art has grown from its concept and is not confined to commercial fields of advertisements alone. The examples of digital art includes graphical illustrations, 3D models and many more that finds its uses in numerous fields.

    • Graphical illustrations are used in film industry, advertising, posters, logos and brochures.
    • The animated and digital art illustrations are used in web sites, books and comics.
    • 3D models are used in video games and animations.
    • Digital photo artwork is used to create advertisements and posters.
    • Digital art defines digital painting, helps in website designing, and to create computer generated images.

    Mind-Blowing Examples of Digital Art

    Digital Art Inspiration

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