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    • October 28
    Marketing Ideas for the Holidays to attract holiday makers this winter

    With the holiday season upon us, there is no better time for a company to splurge on marketing their products and services.  The holiday season not only is a time for friends and family, it is consistently a time for big consumer spending, and it is an especially good time to put forth an effort to expose your company to potential holiday dollars.

    Opera de Paris

    Opera de Paris

    Do you have a holiday season marketing plan? If so, good, you are ready to roll, as typically the start of  November ushers in the beginning of a majority holiday spending.  If you do not have a holiday marketing plan, you still have some time, so get moving!

    A simple way to start your holiday marketing approach is to invest in holiday promotional materials. Christmas calendars, Christmas themed gift cards, or promotional Christmas cards are ways to communicate your holiday message to consumers. If your company sends out a newsletter, consider sending it with a festive design and let the readers know of what is in store for them during the holiday months, so they can be aware and be prepared to purchase from your business.

    shadey holiday deals

    shadey holiday deals

    An obvious way to increase prospective income during the holiday season is to offer sales or discounts on products or services. You can get fairly creative with what you offer because companies like Pens.com offer up holiday-centric, cheap promotional products like Christmas ornaments, custom coffee mugs, or even a stuffed bear wearing your logo with the purchase of a certain amount. Moreover, most companies offer a fun variety of seasonal incentives.  Any extra freebie to drive traffic to your business will be worth the small expenditure.

    Consider your business website!   Online purchases have grown significantly in recent years, and you should have a holiday plan to meet the demand of the online consumer.  A fresh holiday theme for your website is something to consider, also increased social media marketing that lets the public know of your business discounts and incentives during the holiday season.  If your company ships products, consider free or reduced priced shipping. Free shipping may mean the gain or loss of a big time sale.


    holiday breaks offers

    The holiday season is a good time to have extra advertising.  If you can afford a small television or radio commercial, then the holiday season is the time to purchase that type of advertising slot. This is not the most frugal route of course. Newspaper and local free magazines advertisements are cheaper, but still effective advertising venues to consider and will provide valuable exposure for your business.

    There is no time to lose.  The jingling of bells will be here before you know it, and you do not want to miss out on increased business and increased profit. If your holiday marketing plan is not fa-la-la-la-fully prepared, there is little time to waste! So put on your Santa thinking cap, and get to work on making your business holiday marketing strategy a success.


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