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    • March 03
    Latest 20 Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons

    Many people are eagerly looking for free Mozilla add-ons. They try hard to find the best ones, but often fail to do so. Here are some of the best Mozilla Add-ons for the users of Firefox. They can easily take the advantage of using these add-ons. So here is the list of some useful free Mozilla add-ons for the interested users:

    URL Link

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (1)

    Do you have ever seen an email that had broken URL across several lines or a textual link that is not clickable? The URL link solves this problem by allowing you to select string of text, which is not a URL. It will open it like a working and real link.


    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (2)

    It is one of the hot favorite RSS readers for desktop users. Some of its great features are:

    • The browser extension makes the news feeds, just a click away from you
    • It has got a good user interface with different viewing modes
    • View modes range from Visual to expansive magazine style and even to Spartan title view
    • You can tweak its interface according to your preference
    • It comes with different syncing and social sharing features

    Click and Clean

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (2)

    It acts like a perfect cleaner and help you in:

    • Deleting the browsing data
    • Deleting temporary internet files
    • Deleting download history and lot more stuff

    This is best alternative of CCleaner for browser. It is lived by professionals and had been given a 5 star rating by the users.

    Evernote web Clipper

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (3)

    This is one of the best extensions that allow the users to save text, images and the links to their Evernote notebook with few clicks. Save highlight sections, complete pages, images and lots more. You can just capture the complete page. You can even search the Evernote data from the browser search bar.

    Clear Console

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (3)

    This add-on also helps in deleting the browser data, cache, history, cookies. You can easily clear the HTML 5 storage, cookies, and cache in just one click. Download it to use its benefits.

    Social Fixer

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (4)

    The addicted Facebook users will find this extension useful for them. It is also called as Better Facebook. Some of its features are:

    • If has cosmetic and functional options to provide quality Facebook experience from Firefox browser
    • You can feed filters, visual themes, un-friend tracking and do different things.

    Self Destructing Cookies

    Free and Helpful Mozilla Add-ons (5)

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