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    • July 16
    30 Innovative Cardboard Craft Ideas and Projects

    Crafts could be a good pass time or a hobby for someone or sometimes it could be a profession which requires a skilled professional work. In History, Craft was a general term applied to production of goods or its maintenance while the more traditional term craftsman is now being replaced by the word “Artist”. It may also refer to a trade of a particular type of art. Crafts are more of a artistic practice which is way to produce a creative product by use of natural type of material like wood, clay, glass, textiles and metals.

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    Some of the crafts were practiced by artists alone which were vaguely referred to as studio craft having examples like wood turning, glass blowing and glass art. Such type of craft work was first established in Great Britain. Historically, crafts were more concentrated on urban development and formed as guilds. The skills of craftsmen were required in exchange of goods. Nowadays artists use their art to design best Cardboard Craft Ideas and Projects. Cardboard Crafts are much generic term which is used for heavy duty paper with better strength ranging from simpler arrangement of thicker sheet of paper to more complex features consisting of corrugated layers.

    Cardboard Craft Ideas and Projects

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    From the rage of available crafts, there are two most common types of crafts available which are also known as Decorative Art or Applied Art.

    • Decorative Art is traditionally used in ornamental works with the use of materials like ceramic, glass, wood or textiles. The term also consists of pottery, furniture, interior design, architecture and is used by artists to make drawing painting and sculptures.
    • The other type of art used is Applied Art which uses design and aesthetics for everyday use. It also includes activities like those of architecture type, interior designing, graphic designing, industrial or commercial design.

    About Cardboard Crafts

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    • Cardboard craft is considered to be cheapest types of craft design material available in the market. What is exceeding charming about cardboard design is that anyone can create and use it. You just need to think and imagine.
    • It is very simple material which is ideal for crafts not only kids but also for beginners. It does not require much effort or any heavy machinery to design a cardboard used material. It has the best ability which is also known as DIY factor which means you can simply do it yourself.
    • All you need to have is a simple cardboard material brought from market. To start up with it you can simple buy some materials like tools and cardboard for cost of Rs. 1000 which you can even get from a cheaper cardboard recycle center. The rest materials required are designing, cutting materials, some glue or finishing material like paints and brushes.
    • There are various types of cardboards like Graphic Board, Carton boards, corrugated boards and non-packaging cardboards. Among which you can choose graphic boards which are used for hardback book covers, binders and puzzle etc which are much sturdier in design and long lasting.

    Benefits of Cardboards

    There are some benefits of using a cardboard material like following.

    • Cardboard material is considered to be ecological and environment friendly material mainly because it could be easily recyclable. It means less paper wastage, lesser cutting of trees and release of gases which could affect our environment.
    • Cardboards are available almost at any nearby shop and can be obtained at cheaper cost depending upon where you are buying it. Like you can buy the cardboard material easily from a recycle material.
    • Cardboards are easily to move around in the house and considered to be much better and long lasting quality.
    • If you ever feel fed-up with its looks and want to paint, add or remove its design, you can do it easily by simply twisting some of its elements and renew it into a new masterpiece.
    • Crafts produced or fabricated on cardboards are much simpler to design. All you need to do is just put your imagination on the cardboard. From simpler designs to complex ones, all it requires is some simple designing.
    • Sometimes any issue can come up with the existing design and you wish to change / remove it. No need to worry, it is easily editable and all you need to do is apply simple paint removes and it will edit the existing design, So it easily forgives any mistakes conducted while decorating or designing the cardboard.

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