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    40 Humorous Photography Examples to make you Smile

    Capturing images of people, places, nature, animals can be favorite time pass and a serious hobby for many people. But if you seriously love clicking pictures and love to share it around and do it professionally, photography is the right job for you. Photography has always been an impressive ability of person to capture the right moment at the right time. An expert photographer can do photojournalism or simply can do it for fun. The main trick about photography is getting the right emotion and capturing it forever.

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    The first thing which you need is to check the equipment’s. What type of things you would need to do photography as a hobby or professionally. The main things are Digital camera (at least 10-20 megapixels of standard), a memory card (1GB size), camera bag, small tripod, photo printer and software for digital imaging. With all the basics right, you need to start knowing about your camera by checking out the camera settings. If you are well aware about the camera and its setting, you would be able to take the correct pictures with best quality. For starting out taking the humorous pictures, you can start with searching out the some Humorous Photography examples online and see if you can learn from them.

    Humorous Photography Examples

    Tips for Funny Photographs

    Here we have revealed some ideas for Humorous Photography examples which you can easily start taking and capturing the best shots. Clicking funny pictures can be fun business. This can make anybody’s life less stressful, make anyone happy for a moment and it can also help you store some of the amazing natural poses which are hard to be clicked. Here we can learn how to get some funny pictures. The biggest myth about taking these photos is that it is hard to know where to get started.

    • You need to avoid disturbing your pet by avoiding the use of flash and sound: this can help you take some quick funny photos. Never make any sound or use loud noises as this can easily snap your pets from playful mood they are in.

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    • Babies and Children: Small babies and children can also be fun at most of the times. Put many group of children together for more than few minutes and they will start showing some humorous faces and perfect funny pictures could be clicked at any time.

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    • Click everything: You read it right. If you are keen on photography, you should be ready with your camera at most of the times with you. Start taking pictures of things around you like small toys, people, animals, signs etc. if you are asking yourself how this is relevant with taking funny pictures, this is because you would be surprised to know that most of the funny and amusing incidents happen when you are not prepared and never thought of. A funny frozen expression can also be a funny image sometimes.

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    • Follow different signs: There are many types of humorous signs around the world which you have not paid attention to. You must sort that out and start going to different places to get the different humorous pictures. Different places can give you amazing Humorous Photography examples which you may not have thought about before.

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    Pay attention to Animals

    Pets and animals can be the most amazing ones to take a funny photo.  You can take your camera and start paying attention to the scenes of pets playing with objects like ball or something, playing with children or playing with other pets can easily give a funny photograph almost at any instant. Kittens, puppies, small birds, dogs or birds can be naturally curious about the things and objects around them and provide a wonderful opportunity to take close up photos. You can easily try introducing toys, paper bags, or similar objects to for the pet to play with.

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    • If you have a cat, or a dog, you can even pull a piece of string on the floor and see how he plays with it. Even lightening ball can also be a curious thing for your pet.
    • The dogs are easily fascinated by objects or toys moving on the floor and this can make them bark or do some funny things with the different object, all this can develop into series of pictures which can easily make anyone laugh.
    • As we all know that ball of string also attracts the cats and the kitty will instantaneously reach to it and start chasing it, which can leave you with some funny photos.

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