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How To Create Glass Text Effect In Adobe Photoshop CS6

adobe photoshop CS6 text effect tutorial

Today we are going to create Glass Text Effect In Adobe Photoshop CS6. In this tutorial you will learn to create a simple glass text effect by using layer styles of adobe Photoshop cs6. This tutorial is based only on layer styles so it is easily applicable on any bold text.

Download Source File Here :  Glass text effect in photoshop cs6

1: create a new document with heigh of 600px and width 800px in adobe photoshop cs6

glass text effect tutorial

2: Fill the background layer by using color #03b7d7

glass text effect tutorial in photoshop cs6

3: Now write down the text using your desired font style i used arial black having color code #ffffff. One thing should keep in mind that you have to choose bold text for better results.

glass text effect in photoshop cs6

4: Now add some layer styles by double clicking on text layer or by click fx button in your layer panel

photoshop cs6 text tutorial

5: Now follow the layer style instructions and add drop shadow.


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  1. Excellent tutorial, this would look great over every colour and texture to make the text look so 3D, the finish is quite realistic and not too ‘obvious’, so the end product remains looking professional. I definately agree this looks great with big slab like bold text, anything else and this tutorial wouldn’t work as well. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to using this in the future on projects!

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