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    • February 12
    40 Horror Photography Examples to get goose bumps

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    About the horror photo shoot

    One should get mistaken that creating horror photographs is easy, but the fact is it is quite a difficult task to do and to have a perfect one, a photographer has to move out from the usual zone or the comfort level to get a good picture. It is a good idea to move out of the house and find out locations which can enhance the photographs and give in some horrifying effects to the picture. The most tedious task one has to face while choosing outside locations to capture horror photographs is people need to carry the huge equipments along with them until and unless they find a suitable place to rest all the equipments and start their photo shoot.

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    However once you have landed on to a perfect destination, then another challenge comes in the flow of winds. It is important to make sure that the winds are flowing in your favor which can help you create some of the best picture. With proper natural effects some of the best horrifying pictures can be created which is a master piece within itself. Don’t forget to keep your camera on, such that you don’t miss any of the best clicks which have been created by the nature out there. Following steps can be taken to create a horror photograph;

    • Lighting effect: While smoking is floating in dark air behind, then it is important to set up the light accordingly especially the back light. The presence of light improvises the whole scene and after that a perfect picture can be clicked. Planting some people with demon or witch look would add on to the photo, and I am sure these might scare the viewers beyond any limit.
    • The addition of mono black while shooting is an ideal thing to do. The photographer need not have to worry about the pricing, because they are reasonably priced and can be availed by any and everyone.
    • Once pictures have been clicked, then they can be modified with the help of Photoshop to give them a more horrifying look. Further to this, colour and some effects can be further added.

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    Using photo shop for creating horror photographs

    Horror photographs creation can be a lot exciting thing to do and this can be done by adding on some of the basic things to a normal photograph. It would be interesting to know that even the usual pictures can be transformed into horror ones with the use of Photoshop. Adding on evil eyes, dripping blood or darkening the mood can create a horrifying atmosphere and also a perfect horror photograph. So an expert should surely make use of it do wonders with the pictures.

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