• modiface
    • May 26
    Have a glance at some of these best apps for taking ultimate selfie

    At present almost half of the smartphone users are addicted to selfie. The craze of uploading some attractive images as profile images for various social network sites or at some messaging sites or even the wallpaper of the phone has increased this selfie attitude of people to a great extent. Good thing, isn’t it? You don’t have to depend upon anyone else to click a picture of yours and you can take your images wherever and whenever you want to. Depending on this selfie attitude also now almost maximum of smartphones are available with the feature of front camera.

    But it is not necessary that all your selfies will be great. There are many a time when you try a lot but you don’t get an image that is satisfactory. Also there are times when you search for e perfect selfie for your profile image at some place but you don’t get a perfect one. So, to solve such issues there are a number of applications available now that can help you in getting a perfect selfie.

    Modiface Photo Editor


    This can be an amazing ios application on your device that can help you in getting great selfies anytime and anywhere. The application captures each and every details of your face that you can change or improve with the editing tools of the application before saving the image.



    Aviary is again another strong application for a perfect selfie. The application comes handy with a number of features such as a tool to adjust the light, a tool to balance the skin tone and other colors effects and many others to make the image look absolutely perfect.

    Perfect 365

    Perfect 365

    The name of this application has been kept Perfect because it is actually an application that will provide you with a perfect selfie each time. From taking a shot to editing the image, you will be satisfied in each step as you will be getting a perfect result each time.