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    • March 15
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    Great Collection of Useful Pricing Table Designs

    Pricing tables are a challenge for the designer because of the critical role they play in the sign-up process. They have to convey a large amount of data and must do so in an easy-to-understand form. They must also clearly differentiate between the features of various pricing plans and guide the user to pick the most appropriate plan. Here is a awesome showcase of Pricing Table Designs for your inspiration.


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Reply Rachael March 16, 2012

There's some great examples here, I haven't needed to include a table in my design to show this kind of data before, but if I need to in the future - I will definately come back here as a point of reference. Ticks and crosses to mark what you get in each package plan is a really simple and quick way of comparing what spending more really gets you.

I like the Hello themes, Light CMS & Podcast people examples you have included here, the use of different colours for each package makes it really clear to see each available package and product, and shows that table information can be shown in a creative way that looks interesting!