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    • March 16
    Google Disavow – The Great Debate

    Uncontrolled low quality links can harm the ranking of the site. With this till, you can ask Google to not consider them while assessing your site, but you have to put effort to clean up all the unnatural links. Thus, before you use the disavow tool and send a request to Google for reconsideration, remove all the unnatural links pointing towards your site.

    You may not receive a warning, but rank loss is still persistent. It means you still need to put effort for removing the unnatural links, but you can use the tool for recovering. It might help if you file for reconsideration as it may trigger a beneficial response from Google. However, the request of reconsideration will not help unless you make effort to clean up the unnatural links first.

    File the list of domain: syntax

    Domain File List

    It is always recommended that you file domain: syntax list rather putting the list of URLs. This is important because there could be some links from certain domains pointing towards your site that are not indexed by Google. Later, you discover that there are links that are also not natural and coming from already vetted domains. When you use domain syntax, this issue is prevented.

    Create Perfect Disavow File

    You have to prepare a list of domains and URLs that you want to be removed from the consideration of Google. This will assure Google that you are attempting to contact the webmaster for the removal of offending links. However, the list should be correctly formatted in the following manner

    • It must be .txt file
    • Only one link for one domain/link
    • Should be encoded in 7-bit ASCII or UTF-8
    • Every line of description for recording your removal efforts must start with ‘#’

    Ensure Accurate Disavow

    Go to the disavow tool after logging to your Google account and then select your site. Click disavow links and select your created file. Then click submit. Don’t expect that disavow will be instantly done, as the process will be conducted through Google’s indexing and crawling process.

    Lastly, remember that disallow is not a SEO cure, but a medium to improve your site’s traffic and rankings. So hack away the toxic backlinks and enjoy the benefits of disallow.

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