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    • August 12
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    Furiously Awesome Deadly cars (chase illustrations) in CGi Art

    Everyone loves Speed! Someone wants to feel it, someone wants to experience it, someone wants to see it and someone want to create it. Speed Thrills but SPEED IS Deadly! So let’s check out the following furiously awesome Deadly car illustrations & Chases created by the illustrators for some most famous games. In this post Some of them are concept cars but notice the details, dedication and ideas they have put into this. The Images looks so real like watching movie or watch a death race. Forgot to mention these images are high resolution so don’t forgot like me to change your desktop wallpaper.

    Many have dreams of having one of these but mine is to creating like this. Creating such illustration needs hours of study, practice, hard work and really good processor and RAM. Without which it is merely impossible to render such designs


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