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    • June 29
    Fun Visual Content To Launch Your Agency

    We are now living in a world that has become more and more visually engaged. Everyone carries a camera in their pockets these days thanks to the over 2.5 billion mobiles phones that also double as a camera. So it is very safe to say that we are also living in an era of visual content, which truly inspires our creative imagination. And where the imagination is given a run free for its money there are no limits to what we can do or achieve.


    The growth in the visual culture has been so phenomenal that 10% of all the photos that have been taken by the whole of the human race were actually taken in the past 12 months alone. We can also thank all the social media websites like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest that fuel image sharing over the internet.


    Now if we take these points into consideration we can safely say that any business will get a great boost if their marketing approach centers on visual content. The latest company that has grasped the importance of this is the translation agency called Franklyfluent and they partnered with Genevieve Edwards who is a creative visual illustrator. Together they have made a series of weird and fun illustrations that celebrates the beauty of different languages across the world. Each of the illustrations that they have made is unique, vibrant and quirky because it is based on humorous idioms from different parts of the globe.


    The illustrations, or visual content, make an instant impact on the viewer and clearly puts forward the message that translation is more than just words but rather about meaning. Franklyfluent is an agency founded by two young people that believe in translating works from one culture to the other, without losing hold of the meaning or the message that is being conveyed.

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