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    • July 15
    Top 15 Free jQuery ebooks for Designers

    This eBook is the fast paced introduction to jQuery which will take the JavaScript programming to a next level. It provides you the practical and deep coverage of latest jQuery UI releases and jQuery techniques.

    jQuery Cookbook (Animal Guide)

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers12

    jQuery simplifies the building in the interactive and rich web frontends. It is easy to start with JavaScript library and takes many years to realize the depth and breadth.

    • This cookbook will shorten the learning curve
    • This book shows you patterns and practices by 19 developers, who had used jQuery for integrating everything from simple components to the websites
    • It teaches to integrate the applications to developing complex
    • It helps you to create high performance user interface

    Learning JavaScript Design Pattern

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers13

    It is the eBook to help you out in learning JavaScript Design Patterns that created under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works 3.0. They are exciting and fascinating topic for exploring any programming language.

    Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design Patterns

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers14

    This book is written by Addy Osmani. This book will take your skills to new level.

    • It will teach you learning the patterns
    • It will also teach you to apply design patterns to jQuery

    Extending jQuery

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers15

    This will help you to build custom extensions to jQuery library. You can learn to write plugins and reuse them effectively.

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