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    • July 15
    Top 15 Free jQuery ebooks for Designers

    This book comprises of the complete solutions to the problems that generally come when we construct web applications using jQuery and PHP.

    jQuery 2 Recipes

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers6

    jQuery is the open source software and is completely free. With the help of jQuery, you can customize and extend Joomla, AJAX, WordPress, and Drupal through plugins.

    • Lynn Beighley had written this book
    • He assumes that you have no programming experience and explains everything in detailed manner
    • You can start from the basics

    Learning jQuery

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers7

    This book is made for the web designer, who wishes to create the interactive elements in their designs and also for the developers, who wish to create a marvelous user interface for web applications.

    jQuery Succinctly

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers8

    It is a simple quick start guide for intermediate and advanced jQuery development. Some of its features are:

    • Core jQuery
    • Selecting and traversing
    • Manipulation of things

    jQuery Pocket Reference

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers9

    This book is made for people, who are using jQuery on regular basis. This book maximizes the use of jQuery library.

    • This book is for a person, who is desperate to use jQuery for non-trivial application
    • This book is written by long time video games developer Raffaele Cecco including Stomlord, Exolon, and Cybernoid

    jQuery Fundamentals

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers10

    It is an open source book about jQuery that was originally written by Rebecca Murphey and was released in year 2011.

    • It will teach you JavaScript and jQuery basics
    • It will make you learn events and effects

    jQuery in Action

    Free jQuery ebooks for Designers11

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