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    • April 22
    Top 35 Forced Perspective Photography: Embedding Special Effects

    Photography is one of the most interesting and exciting work for people. But, no one had ever thought of that photography may have some different forms that may be more pleasing and soothing to eyes. Forced Perspective Photography is one of such art forms that can be used to create illusions. Most of the movies are based on Forced Perspective Photography these days. This art form is even used by all the magicians around the world. It can turn out the things in real, but actually the things may be illusionary. You need to learn this type of photography, if you want to bring illusion in your photographs while capturing them.

    Tips to create In-Camera Illusion using Forced Perspective Photography

    • Look for a big object as the focus of your Photo:

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      The object you find must be large enough in order to achieve Forced Perspective Photography. The primary object must be capturing smaller objects with bigger ones in order to give an illusion that the smaller objects are really interacting with larger ones. The lightning conditions must be bright to shoot a good photo. Your model must be smaller as compared to the main focus of the photo, with the object you want to create illusion with.

    • Compose the Frame:

      Forced Perspective Photography8

      Use the viewfinder in camera. This will help you to compose the frame so that the model appears to be in real interaction with background object. You should assist the model asking them to appear like they are holding, pushing, or lifting up the structure. The ultimate goal of Forced Perspective Photography is to trick the audience that both the objects captured are at same distance from the camera lens.

    • Capture your Model:

      Forced Perspective Photography19

      Now you need to capture the photo of your model so that at real time the illusion can be seen in effect. Creating an illusion does not require use of any extra equipment or tool; it just requires the perfection of the photographer and the model being captured. Once the finished object is of quality, you can make finer adjustments by using some software tools and adjust it in your own way. By this, you can set the tempo and contrasts of the image or can even fill the colors.

    Creative Ideas for Forced Perspective Photography

    This is not at all a new phenomenon. This was started in the movies from 1950s. But it was completely utilized many years later and now can be seen in every photograph. Using this photography, you can provide a good illusion to the photograph and add on some special effects. Forced Perspective Photography is something really creative. Some of the creative ideas for Forced Perspective Photography are listed below. You must try all of them.

    • Fun with Monuments:

      Forced Perspective Photography15

      Whenever tourists visits to a country, they are generally attracted by the historical beauty and monuments of the country. Forced Perspective Photography can capture them pushing, holding, kicking, or hugging the monuments. If they visit to Leaning Tower of Pisa, they can capture themselves in different illusionary poses with the tower.

    • Big and Small People:

      Forced Perspective Photography4

      This is another famous Forced Perspective Photography pose that is worth capturing. The theme is basically giant people holding the smaller people on their palm. These pictures are generally captured in the locations, where the ground is flat till horizon. These locations are generally beaches, deserts, or salt flats. The pictures captured look really awesome.

    • Giant Hand from nowhere:

      Forced Perspective Photography6

      In these types of photographs, an illusion of giant hand chasing the object is shown. This hand may be of photographer that is kept nearly in front of the camera lens doing different movements. At times, this might appear horror and at times the hand can make interesting poses to give attractiveness to the photographs.

    • Fun with Sun:

      Forced Perspective Photography30

      The sun in the photo always looks fantastic. You can capture interesting photos at sunrise or sunset. The sun can be treated like a ball and you can capture the model in different poses lifting, holding, kicking, or cracking the sun. You can get awesome dark pictures in low light conditions.

    • Fluffy White Cloud:

      Forced Perspective Photography2

      You need to think about different patterns formed by the clouds in sky. Forced Perspective Photography can be very beneficial and creative at such moment. You can capture the clouds as the vanilla toppings over your cone or cotton candy. You need to think creative in order to get the best poses.

    • Obscuring Source:

      Forced Perspective Photography7

      Another silly but interesting thing people do is to obscure the source of something like fountain, fire, smoke, rainbow etc. coming from their mouth, ears, hands, or other body parts.

    So try all of the poses using Forced Perspective Photography and find out a new way of trick photography filled with illusion.

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