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Ferrari V4 Motorcycle 149

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept all I can say is Wow! The new Ferrari V4 superbike was designed by Amir Glink. I can tell this bike will be super fast since it’s packed with a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo! The hand controls are from a F-16 fighter jet and buttons are from a Forumla 1 race car.




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  1. The ferrari v4 motorcyles’ design i suppose is derived from anaconda,its scary, rugged and rare.

  2. Entirely too concepty. Look how close the front wheel is to the body. And despite the aerodynamic shape there is no windscreen; the driver is as protected from wind as on a naked bike. Besides, the shape is too simplistic for a Ferrari, which I expect to display more complex curves and angles.


  3. Ferrari is most popular sports car maker, but I like these custom motorcycles which made by ferrari…

  4. This vehicles that have to be tried, I believe this is a vehicle that has a very amazing strength.

  5. call me asap wow !!!!! you found me. the race is on ferrari.. am hi kid!!!!!
    this is the location i want it delivered 3190 satellite boulevard duluth, ga 30096 contact
    sales rep name is dorsey chinnery a great friend of mine. contact number 678 830-6799.. send a few and stay on net ill call you when the package arrives. its my birthday so you know its time to get down ferrari new future party. new job.new car. new check.
    &a new award.. i think thats the biggest thing i ever saw!!!!! ferrari ferrari ferrari wow!!!!!
    !!!!! send it to me now!!!!!

    !!!!! I LOVE THAT FERRARI!!!!!

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  7. what kind of stupid bike is this ??? where did the f**king designer got the idea from … if this keeps up there will be no more beautiful bikes and cars at all. This model is just a mockery of what a bike should be like.
    This kind of bullshit really pisses me off… If you're making cars then f**king make cars not some "super" (shitty) bikes with car engines like the one with vipers engine and 4 wheels. Not everything is a bike if it has 2 wheels and an engine.

  8. The best this bike will offer is speed (and the price of a ferrari). But is speed what describes a bike ?? The answer would be NO!
    What a bike is, is maneuverability, mobility, lightness (not possible with a cars engine), easy control (not some handles from F-16 and buttons from F-1)(what does it even mean??? buttons from F-1 how do they differ? oh wait the price is 200$ for 1 button instead of the regular 2$… The same about handles from F-16, just probably the cost is 2000$ for each of the 2 if not more) only for the price of the buttons and the handles you can buy a decent bike … normal bike

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  10. Wow! This bike looks great. With a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo, the V4 must be fast!

  11. a love verari

  12. the yellow one ultimate task working is so much appreciative

  13. Ferrari team always surprise the crowd with amazing rides

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  16. wow its amaging bike of the world

  17. I’m so eager till i see it with my own eyes & feel z boost myself

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  19. It looks like a sex toy

  20. never seen such nice craftmanship like this ever-Akmar 0123260979

  21. I like this motocycle

  22. superb bikes

  23. superb bikes

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  25. Triumph Sprint

    Will this be out on the market, sure wish I can affort one.

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