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    • November 27
    Meaningful Expressive Photography Examples: Best 40

    Everyone has their own definition of meaningful expressive photography, however, the easiest definition of it can be that meaningful expressive photography involves photographs that express a feeling or a mood — photographs that draw the viewer in and make them feel what you felt when you were making the picture. When you’re talking about expressive photography you’re referring to photographs that make a person go, “wow its awesome” and feel what it was like to have been in that scene in that particular moment.Expressive photography can improve one’s nature photographs because of the fact that pictures tell stories. They convey or express moods and viewpoints, and hopefully evoke those emotions from the viewer. You can improve your nature photographs by making a viewer feel the light or the mood that we experienced when taking the photo. The picture has more impact with that.

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    The most important elements of expressive photography that you should know about are that photography is used as a means of self-expression. In the process of making your pictures more expressive, you really have to share a bit of yourselves.An important thing for you to remember is that when you’re trying to make your pictures more expressive, you have to be willing to really show your feelings and your view of what it is you’re photographing in order for that to come through in the end picture.

    • There are those who say you can only get out of photography what you’re willing to put into it. Expressive photography takes that saying to a whole new level.
    • If you want to use expressive photography to improve your nature shots, you have to be willing to put a bit of yourself into the pictures you take.

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    There many photographers who put forward their thoughts into meaning expressive photographs but one that is really awesome is the Shutter Sisters style of photography.  It’s contemplative, peaceful, emotional, and meaningful. Their book, Expressive Photography, is a relaxing meditation on how to introduce this style into your own photographic life.  No complicated theory, just suggestions, ideas and encouragements leading you to realize that you have these photos in you already.The book is organized by chapters that each covers a different type of photography.

    • From Portraiture to Stillness, Documentary to Childhood, Spaces, Tables and Togetherness.  10 chapters in all that explore each type of photography.Each chapter has the following sections:Introduction, Approach, Perspective, Composition, Lighting, Details, and Processing.
    • Each section is written in the beautiful Shutter Sisters style of prose that is almost poetic and easily conjures visual images to go along with the text.

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