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    • April 08
    45 Dynamic Graffiti Art: An Art Rediscovered!

    Graffiti Art popularly referred to as vandalism and sight damage has traversed a long way from being called a wasteful street activity to being called an “Art Form”. Despite it trying to attain its rightful status, there is still an ongoing debate whether it should be considered as a meaningful art form or not. Graffiti can be found not just in museums but also on items of daily use like furniture, murals, wall murals and pictures. There is no place in the world where you will not find this different art form. No matter if the city is big or small, no matter if the community is old or new- it is omnipresent in some form or the other.

    Evolution of Graffiti

    The word Graffiti has its origin in the Italian word “Grafficar”. It is used to indicate any designs, pictures, scribbles, patterns, wall paintings, wall arts etc. Graffiti has its origins in the medieval period, where it was used to decorate walls and monuments in various countries, predominately Greece and Egypt.

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    The Graffiti as it exists in today’s form was originated in New York. The origin lies in the way the youngsters would scribble their names on the street sides. This was known as “tagging”. This later came to be known as “Top Cat” in Philadelphia. From this it moved on to become colorful graphics. New and innovative styles, forms, designs, colors, pictures evolved and added to the Graffiti collection.

    With time the artists started getting divided into two:

    • “Taggers” :
      • They did not have the flair of an artist but could make their designs colorful and in different forms.
      • They kept changing the forms so as to add creativity.
      • Most of the times, they might be just monochromatic collection of letters and alphabets.
      • It is small and hence easy to produce.
    • “Artists”:
      • They were able to create artistic works.
      • They had an innovative and different style.
      • They could make letters in such a way, they looked as if it was 3D.
      • The scale of the art was much larger than the taggers and that got them more attention.
      • They have got complicate designs and more often qualify as art forms as compared to taggers.

    Is it legal?

    Graffiti was never used illegally. It was only long time back that people used it on private property without their permission. With Graffiti evolving as an art form, people get the art done on their property by choice and hence it is no longer considered as an illegal art form or a destructive art form. There are certain steps which have been taken. Some of them are:

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    • With the advent of technology, a lot of improvements have been made. You can now get paints, which will be removed with ease and without any hassles.
    • Also the spray paints are now sold only to people who have attained a legitimate age.
    • Local representatives have been appointed to prevent the occurrence of unwanted graffiti on the private property.
    • Committees have been setup for the removal of the unwanted graffiti arts from the walls of the private property.

    Graffiti as we know it today

    Graffiti show in Bacon St and  Bethnal Green Rd London E2

    Graffiti has moved and evolved to a large extent from the previous works of taggers and artist. Graffiti artists now experiment with a variety of forms, colors, patterns and techniques. All this has taken Graffiti to a new level, where it has now become comparable to various existing art forms. It has not just got it rightful status but has also become an indispensable and an irreplaceable part of our life. Today these artists are called to create these forms for our houses, buildings, offices and various other places.

    Is removal of Graffiti a loss of art form?

    Because of the misdoings of some of the people, removing Graffiti from art categories and take away its status of being an art form is a loss to the community. It is just that people who are misusing it to create problems for the private property owners, should be taught how to channelize their energies and use this art form more productively and in the best interest of graffiti. We should try working in tandem with the graffiti artists and try to promote them, rather than opposing them.

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    We can take simple steps for the purpose. We can tell them to demonstrate their art on paper and canvas, rather than on other people’s property.

    Graffiti is an art to tell people on how you feel. People should be taught more productive ways of doing that, rather than painting on walls. It might be free for them, but it demeans an art form and is harm for the evolution of art.

    We should try hard not to abolish it as an art to promote it in the art galleries. We should look at the soul of this art and not just the look and feel.

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