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    • November 07
    15 Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques

    David focuses on how he went about creating his composition in Illustrator using color and pattern swatches. He also discusses the influences and experiences that informed the patterns and colors of the artwork’s final design.

    Create X-ray vector art

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques10

    Belgian artist Evert Martin demonstrates how he created his series of artworks that sit somewhere between X-rays and 3D holographic projections using Illustrator’s Blend tool.

    Create a stunning photo montage

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques11

    Markie Darkie shows you how to create a stunning photomontage. You can master in repetition and layering of shapes, efficient use of simple color palettes with the aid of Layer Style effects, or a file of vector elements.

    Create a realistic 3D character without 3D software

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques12

    Tim Smith offers his experience with using Illustrator and Photoshop to create semi-realistic, 3D-looking characters.

    Be bold with Photoshop effects

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques13

    Illustrator Gordon Reid details how he mixes such components to create a work based around a theme of time travel, applying a psychedelic look based on a retro-futuristic sense of what traveling in time entails.

    Create a 3D vector icon in Fireworks or Illustrator

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques14

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