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    • November 07
    15 Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques

    “Imake things” shows you how to make a repeat pattern based on map-like imagery. He uses simple shapes and icons to illustrate geographical features from a bird’s-eye point of view.

    Create a Death Goddess inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques5

    Chris Parks introduce you to Illustrator’s pressure sensitive ‘Blob Brush’ and you’ll learn some techniques for adding quick color and detailed depth.

    • You’ll also pick up some good tips on workflow.
    • Also know about how to add detail by creating separate graphics and duplicating them to save time without sacrificing quality.

    Design an isometric info graphic

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques6

    Tim Smith demonstrates how to use Illustrator to create precise isometric scenes. He shows the basic isometric principles needed to develop and experiment with your own isometric illustrations, 3D models, diagrams, info graphic.

    Use the Kuleriphone App to develop a color scheme for use in Illustrator CC

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques7

    Ben guides you through getting started with Adobe’sKuler app, then using the color palettes in Illustrator. You’ll also discover the Image Brush tool in Illustrator CC, where you’ll learn to apply a jpg or bmp image to a brushstroke.

    Texture tricks with vector artwork

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques8

    Jeffrey Bowman discloses the techniques he uses to create texture and then explains how he adds this to his work.

    • You can learn how to take scanned textures and turn them into vectors using image trace, and then effectively apply them to your illustration using clipping masks.
    • Jeffrey also explains how to add brush strokes to hard vector edges, so as to give a hand-drawn feel to your work.

    Bold pattern design

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques9

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