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    • November 07
    15 Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques

    Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator go hand-in-hand, providing a great combination of tools for artists, illustrators and designers. Together, the two applications can be used to create a multitude of images, from gorgeous photo montages to tangible typography.Adobe Illustrator is a valuable application for illustrators, artists and graphic designers, and a tool that’s worthwhile mastering. You can use it to create vector graphics, patterns, info graphics, type, plus add gradients, textures, color schemes and other effects to your work by following these Digital Illustration tutorials and techniques.

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques1.1

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques

    Master Dynamic Gradient Techniques

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques1

    Alexandra Zutto shows how to build up complex, beautiful images by patiently layering and building up small, straightforward segments.

    • Always varying them to prevent monotony.
    • You’ll learn how to build up many elements to create a vector image with real depth and richness.

    Design a vector animal mascot

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques2

    Martin Rijven details his creative process for producing animals that embody specific human characteristics or ideals, to help you design flexible characters that could be used across a client’s identity.

    • Martin details how he would produce an illustrated mascot to serve as part of a larger branding concept for an importer of African coffee and coco beans.
    • First off, he demonstrates how he uses a pencil and paper to explore posture and different styles to communicate the characteristics requested in the brief. He then explains how he produced the artwork in Illustrator.

    Create faux 3D finishes in Illustrator

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques3

    Karan Singh shows you a clever and ridiculously quick way of giving your flat illustrations a faux 3D finish without leaving the confines of Illustrator.

    • Karan finds that Illustrator is capable of creating depth and dimension.
    • Also give nice effects to the inner and outer glows and Gaussian blur.

    Create Quirky repeating patterns

    Digital Illustration Tutorials and Techniques4

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