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    • July 24
    40 Creative Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration

    This type of tree logo is a concept for a dentist in Frisco.It can symbolize strength or family.

    • The reason for choosing a tree in a dentist logo is because a “tree” has a lot of “good” symbolism.
    • The leaves and green color of a tree can symbolize health and wellness.

    Lotus Health & Well-being

    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration42

    These logo designs are perfect for a health and well-being company. This is simple, clean having grass and leaf.

    Portland Tree Huggers

    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration43

    Portland Tree Huggers is a great branding tree logo designed for an alternative t-shirt business. It is a branded logo; this logo can be used for a landscape company specializing in retaining walls.


    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration44

    The Rain Forest logo has a design of umbrella tress which can be used for eco, entertainment and media industry.A logo designed for a custom woodworking company

    Three Olives

    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration45

    Three Olives logo design is ideal for food or wine packaging, labellingand as well as for restaurant.

    Tree Clipper

    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration46

    Tree Clipper is a Tree logo design, which can be used for landscaping, yard care, Eco-friendly and even entertainment and media related businesses.

    Tree Logo Designs for Inspiration13

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