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    • August 28
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    Creative & Inspiring Brand Marking (city of melbourne)

    City of Melbourne is a dynamic, progressive city, internationally recognized for its diversity, innovation, sustainability, and livability. City of Melbourne council supports the city’s world-class offerings, represents it nationally and internationally, and ensures it remains a preeminent Australian center for culture, arts, dining, entertainment, education, and shopping. Since implementing its previous identity 15 years ago, City of Melbourne has experienced significant change. As a result, the council had accumulated a range of isolated logos for various services, which had become increasingly difficult and costly to manage. The fragmentation of City of Melbourne’s identity meant equity was driven away from the core brand, and the council realized that it needed a long-term solution.

    City of Melbourne asked Landor to develop a cohesive brand strategy and new identity system. The challenge was to reflect City of Melbourne’s cool sophistication on the world stage, capture the passion of its people, and provide the city with a unified, flexible, and future-focused image. The new identity needed to overcome political complexities, improve the cost-effectiveness of managing the brand, and unite the disparate range of entities (including the council, City of Melbourne’s destination brand, and an ever-growing portfolio of different initiatives, programs, services, events, and activities).


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