• Common Mistakes in Web Design (1)
    • March 12
    Major Common Mistakes in Web Design: What not to Do!

    Common Mistakes in Web Design (1)

    Website had become the respiration of internet these days. A business website rather every website must be proper in design when we talk about the overall structure or web design of a particular website. While designing your own website you must avoid some common mistakes in web design in order to grant a good look and feel to your website and attract the potential clientele. So here 10 common mistakes that must be avoided during designing process of your website.

    Poor readability and legibility

    Common Mistakes in Web Design (2)

    Readability is one of the most important elements of web design. The attractive design of your website might attract number of users to your website, but the poor readability might affect the number of viewers visiting your website. This is one of the most common mistakes in web design. The main cause of this problem may be:

    • The font size may be too small to be read easily
    • The background color and font color may match and the text is nearly invisible
    • The contrast of website is too bright to read the text easily

    It is advisable to look after such problems before creating a good website design so that such problems cannot even touch the website and readers must find reading easy on your website.

    Content Layout is unorganized

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    The structure of content is very important to derive traffic to your website. If the content layout is fine then the visitors will be attracted to your website. Avoid using non structured content layout, A proper structured layout includes:

    • Use of proper headings, bullets, sub headings, paragraphs, keywords etc
    • It is also important to use HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding for responsive layout of your website.
    • You should use appropriate title of the page

    Make your website content look organized. Organized website content will help to derive visitors to your website.

    Lack of Mobile Friendly Interface

    Common Mistakes in Web Design (1)

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