Thursday, August 17th, 2017


  • Tips Gambling and Graphics: The Visual Identity of Online Slots

    When it comes to debate and discussions regarding graphic design, it is not often that attention tends to turn to the world of online casinos. However, when research states that 29% of the gambling market in the UK is based on online services, there is surely a reason to consider the visual appeal of this…

    • January 03
  • Tips How Smartphones Make Voice Plans Obsolete

    When the first true smartphone was launched 8 years ago (it was called the iPhone, and it has changed the way we look at handsets completely) mobile service providers should have gotten the chills. Why? Because the smartphone that they currently use as a marketing tool to sell their voice and data plans has the…

    • August 05
  • Tips 5 Facebook scams need to be carefull in 2015 that affected various users

      With the increase of technology in our lives, we have forgotten that machines and technology can also create trouble for us at times. This has been proved by a number of scams in the year 2014 through a number of social networking sites. Presently, Facebook is the mostly used social networking site and here…

    • July 03
  • Odd Stuff Tips Get your movies tickets from your smartphone without standing in a queue

    Movies are an eminent part of entertainment in society today. Starting from kids, to teenagers, to adults and even the elderly people are in love with movies. Movies have been segregated since the starting into various genres. Different people love watching movies of different genres and this is the reason reviews are provided for each…

    • June 15
  • Tips Google Disavow – The Great Debate

    A video from Moz’s popular Whiteboard Friday series was the cause of major debate within the SEO community. The main idea behind the video was to provide insight into the supposition that submitting to Google a disavow file after suffering a Penguin hit can reverse it without having to manually remove those links. Josh Bachynski,…

    • March 16
  • Photography Tips 9 Photoshop Plugins That Will Make Your Images Look Professionally Done

    Adobe Photoshop on its own does not have all the necessary capabilities required to give an image the best effects. That is why you need to reinforce adobe Photoshop with plugins that will enable you to perform additional tasks that will give your site desired graphics and effects. Different plugins perform different tasks, so it’s…

    • February 26
  • Tips Positive Impact of Social Networking

    Companies have been regularly making efforts to increase their business with wide usage of social networking websites. With social networking popularity can be gained in terms of branding, positioning, marketing, customer service etc. These websites are majorly used for the purpose of communication or sharing of ideas and also facilitates the flow of information. Social…

    • December 04
  • Tips Tutorials User Guide for Google AdSense for Beginners

    Many are not aware of what AdSense is. User guide for Google AdSense defines it as, when advertisers pay Google to run ads, if they opt to show their ads on Google’s Display Network, and then their ads will show up in the “AdSense slots” on participating web sites. Google AdSense for beginners is a…

    • November 25
  • Tips Tutorials How to Start an Ecommerce website successfully: Big Plan!

    E-Commerce is growing rapidly worldwide as more and more people are coming on internet. This is why most of the big and small companies are establishing their authority directly or indirectly by creating an e-Commerce portal or becoming a part of e-Commerce portal. Companies selling products online had seen a good growth and improvement in…

    • November 15