Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017


  • Inspiration Photography 40 Inspiring pictures of people Documentary Photography

    Documentary (Photo-Journalism) photography usually refers to a popular form of editorial photography used to chronicle significant and historical events. Most this genre of photography is associated with Professional Photojournalism (mostly hired by news-papers and New Channels) doing kind of reporting for them or covering events, but in some cases few professionals does this as freelancers,…

    • February 21
  • Inspiration Photography 35+ Spectacular HDR Harbour Photography

    What makes a perfectly framed Harbour Photo? When it shows different view or an angle of already seen place, every one who views appreciates photos in their own way. With such a wealth of images to capture it can sometimes be frustrating when what you see doesn’t come out in the photo taken, Follow our…

    • February 19
  • Photography Top 20 Iconic Places to Photograph (National Geographic)

    Spring is coming and everybody has started booking holidays to their favorite holiday destination, to make this easy to all holiday makers, we have collected Top 20 Iconic Places to Photograph (National Geographic). Hope you have already visited these places if not then you rethink to book your trip to these lovely places on this…

    • February 14
  • Photography 40 Innocent and Newly Born Baby Photography Examples

    Photography is a not as difficult profession, comparing with other professions.. It usually lies on a non-technical category. However, with the passage of time, many technical improvements have been implemented in this profession as well. Therefore, Today photography is no more a non-technical profession. Many people take photography as a hobby. However, Photography is also…

    • February 12
  • Photography Day 3 Winter Olympics in pics Sochi 2014

    Winter Olympics – Sochi 2014 started and today we have gathered best pics of Day 3 of competition featuring opportunities for athletes to claim gold and show us faces of joy and relief. From short-track speedskating to the men’s moguls in freestyle skiing and every event in between, we are sure to see yet another…

    • February 10
  • Photography 20 Best Joomla Templates to use in 2014

    As content management systems came along, starting and maintaining a website has become easier than ever before. Even if you have never worked with the backend of a website, the admin panel of a CMS is fairly easy to figure out. These days, when even small businesses need and want to have a web page,…

    • January 15
  • Photography Long Live the eBook Reader: Top Five Tips for Preserving eBook Reader Battery Life

    Less charging and more doing is the most important thing for every tablet and smart phone user, Assuming this is the case, you’re conscious that an electric storage device consumes a great deal of room. Furthermore that is a huge excuse for why producers have the ability to crush eight to 10 hours of electric…

    • January 15
  • Photography ShowCases Beautiful Showcase Of Conceptual Photography Examples

    Conceptual photography is actually the photographer trying to convey the message to the viewers. Usually this message is conveyed through some theoretical symbolism which can be interpreted by the viewer. Even though most photographers have a specific meaning they are trying to get across, usually the image can be interpreted in many different ways. This…

    • December 03
  • Inspiration Photography 30 Best Emotional Photography Examples For Inspiration

    Usually in emotive portrait photography, the photographer takes the photos the moments when human express the emotional expressions, or emotional feelings. Anyhow powerful images always send emotional messages – even when no words are expressed. Humans carry the unique capability to share and demonstrate emotions, so capturing striking emotions through photography always has a tendency…

    • November 26
  • Inspiration Photography Fantastic Dew Drop Photography Examples For Inspiration

    Dew Drop photography is extreme close-up photography, normally we take photos of dew drops on insects and other objects which we can’t see in detail with naked eyes. The water droplets condensed from the air, are a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. They are vivid and delicate, warm and cold at the same time. They…

    • November 18