Saturday, October 1st, 2016


  • Freebies 10 hidden features of your android smartphone that you should know

    Today almost maximum people have a smartphone with android operating system. Users download and use a number of android applications. But do you know that there are many such android features about which people don’t know much? These hidden features can be actually of great use to the users and hence it is important to…

    • June 05
  • Freebies Top 12 Best Messaging Apps for Android

    Android is one of the popular platforms launched by Google for mobile systems. These Android devices are really very popular among the users. Every day, lots and lots of applications are been launched for the Android users. Most of these applications are available for free at Google Play Store. People love the Android apps and…

    • February 09
  • Freebies 15 Best eBooks Reader Apps for iOS: 2015

    Books are believed to be our friends. One has to go through education in his/her life and often read different books during this phase. These books are our friends and provide us with some vital information. In modern days, many books had been turned to eBooks and now these books can be easily read over…

    • December 10
  • Freebies Download Hand Drawn Fonts for Free: 30 Fonts

    Website designing has been one of the trendiest activities that most of the people choose to do over the internet. But, one of the new concepts that are gaining popularity is about the hand drawn fonts. The font styles of websites had become common. There is a great need to improve on the website font…

    • September 05
  • Freebies Graphics The Extremely Useful Roundup of 60 Free SmartPhones GUI PSD Packs

    This is the era of Smart Phones, PDA’s and gadgets. Smart Mobile phones are everywhere with wifi, 3G and 4G internet. Keeping this trend in mind, many businesses and indiviuals made tons of apps and design GUI just for the smart phones and pda’s to cater this market as well. In this article, we are…

    • July 22
  • Freebies Wordpress 15 Best WooCommerce Extensions to go with

    There are number of WooCommerce extensions that allow you to sell anything using WooCommerce. Most of these extensions are complex and require too much of support. Thus there are some premium add-ons too. If you are using WooCommerce then you can make use of some of the best WooCommerce Extensions listed here. Best WooCommerce Extensions…

    • July 18
  • Freebies Web design Top 15 Free jQuery ebooks for Designers

    jQuery is a great language to be implemented on designing terms. It helps the designers to add several functionalities to websites or an application. If you really take interest in jQuery then internet is one of the biggest resources for you. You can enhance your programming skills by reading some of the most popular free…

    • July 15
  • Freebies Web design Top 20 Essential Web Applications for Designers

    If you are a designer then you will need plenty of handy web applications to do the designing work. Most of the web applications are user friendly and singular in functionality. These web applications save you in some crucial times. Here is the list of some of the essential web applications for designers. The designers…

    • June 03
  • Freebies Top 13 Best Gmail Alternatives you could try

    Gmail is one of the best email account provider throughout the world. Google had created this tool to help people throughout the world to exchange the messages and conversations on mail within few seconds with ease. One only needs an internet connection to access mails on his/her PC or mobile device. Sometimes, the services offered…

    • May 30