Thursday, August 17th, 2017


  • Photography Have a glance at some of these best apps for taking ultimate selfie

    At present almost half of the smartphone users are addicted to selfie. The craze of uploading some attractive images as profile images for various social network sites or at some messaging sites or even the wallpaper of the phone has increased this selfie attitude of people to a great extent. Good thing, isn’t it? You…

    • May 26
  • Photography 3+1 Best Sources for Public Domain Stock Photos

    Being a designer means to be pressured constantly by the deadlines and the budget. Sometimes the budget is so tight that there is no room for a stock photo in it – designers have to waste their time googling for the perfect image that would fit into the design – and with zero costs, of…

    • May 18
  • Photography Tips 9 Photoshop Plugins That Will Make Your Images Look Professionally Done

    Adobe Photoshop on its own does not have all the necessary capabilities required to give an image the best effects. That is why you need to reinforce adobe Photoshop with plugins that will enable you to perform additional tasks that will give your site desired graphics and effects. Different plugins perform different tasks, so it’s…

    • February 26
  • Photography 40 Horror Photography Examples to get goose bumps

    Horror stories are something which everyone is scared of, especially the younger ones who are too resistant to watch any kind of dreadful images. But this is not all; the so called grownups often get goose bumps with horror images which can lead to night mares to them. The presence of horror characters like ghosts,…

    • February 12
  • Photography 60 Hot Pictures of Sexy Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian has been everywhere on television, there are many instances when you switch on the TV and you find her on your screen. Kim has always been appreciated for her sexy and designer clothes which make her look awesome and this is one of the reasons we can spot many hot pictures of sexy…

    • January 27
  • Photography 40 Inspiring Wildlife Photography – Some effective Tips For Beginners

    Nature photography is one of the fascinating recreation, and wildlife photography must be the most challenging as well as rewarding field of photography. In the case of this photography, Digital cameras have influenced new generation people to get into this photography field. These day all most all photography guides concentrate on the technical facet of…

    • January 12
  • Inspiration Photography 35 Eye-catching and Colourful Full of Life Photography

    Our Modes with each season and location change accordingly like we say rainy Season is the season of joy and happiness in some parts of the world except UK. Nature is at its full bloom in the Spring season, you see new life in plants and trees, flowers of all colors grow etc. Winter is…

    • January 08
  • Photography 50+ Awe-Inspiring Perfectly Clicked Salsa Dance Photos to capture Love

    Those who are interested in dance photography should prepare him for all the trial and error methods in order to learn about new methods of camera and also to learn about the appropriate setting. It is important that the photographer should capture the right dance moments at the right time, and this is what is…

    • December 07
  • Photography Meaningful Expressive Photography Examples: Best 40

    Everyone has their own definition of meaningful expressive photography, however, the easiest definition of it can be that meaningful expressive photography involves photographs that express a feeling or a mood — photographs that draw the viewer in and make them feel what you felt when you were making the picture. When you’re talking about expressive…

    • November 27