• Best WordPress Google Map Plugins1.1
    • May 29
    15 Best WordPress Google Map Plugins: Let’s try it!

    Google Maps provide the ability to the user to search for the exact location of any place. You can even submit your place on Google and can list on Google maps. You can even submit your real estate address to Google and by this way you can extend your reach to people. Google Maps can also be placed on a wordpress website to guide users through the map. Here is the list of best WordPress Google Map Plugins.

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins1.1

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins

    Leaflet Maps Marker

    This plugin allows you to pin, share, and organize your favorite tracks and spots on a wordpress powered website.

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins1

    • Use maps from OpenStreetMap, Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps or any other Custom Maps
    • Display your spots in an innovative way

    Map List Pro

    This plugin provides the simplest way of adding lists and maps to WordPress. Other features of this plugin are:

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins2

    • Location and text search
    • Open Street View, Directions, Street View, and Geolocation
    • Highly customizable with 25 styles

    SimpleMap Store Locator

    It is a powerful and simple to use international store locator. Some of its best features are:

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins3

    • It has intuitive interface
    • It is highly customizable
    • Users can find their locations quickly

    Google Map Widget

    This plugin does not need an API key and have some brilliant features:

    Best WordPress Google Map Plugins4

    • The Google Maps load much faster whne you click on lightbox
    • You can choose the style of map from different map types
    • This plugin comes with an installation video
    • You can alter the size of the map
    • You can add the Google Map to your widget section

    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

    This is an elegant Google Map Plugin that is intuitive and fully documented. It enhances your website’s trafficking process.

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