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    • October 27
    Top 15 Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins

    The author photo plugins on WordPress website had become really popular. Some themes provide functionality to the users to add photo below the post while some themes do not provide such functionality. If you are not using themes that provide you with author photo then you must make use of author photo plugins to help you out in this case. These plugins will help you out in adding your photo below the post written by you and you can even add some other information that the plugin allows you to do. Here is the list of some best WordPress Author photo plugins.

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins1.2

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins

    Better Author Bio

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins1

    The plugin has got a simple and clean UI that can work well with any theme without actually editing the CSS. Features of this plugin are:

    • You can view all the post by author options
    • You can add author photo
    • You can even add the blog link of author
    • Author can also add the social profile links

    WP About Author

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins2

    You can display the customizable author bios in your post with the help of this plugin and can connect your author bio with your social media profile.

    Fancier Author Box

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins3

    This is a versatile plugin for multiple author blogs and allows you to add the photo. You can even show or hide the latest post. Other features are:

    • You can link to the latest post of author
    • You can link social icons below the avatar
    • You can enable and customize the look of author box

    DT Author Box

    Best WordPress Author Photo Plugins4

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